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Electrical Contractors in Rhodesdale, Maryland

Electrician Measure Voltage - Electrical Services in Rhodesdale, MD
If you operate a farm or business, you know how important it is to have your business running smoothly. That's why so many customers turn to the qualified technicians at Barnes Electric, Inc., to keep things up and running.

While we specialize in installing and maintaining commercial generators; we also provide a wide variety of other services to meet the electrical needs of the commercial and agricultural communities.
We sell and maintain generators from name brand companies like, John Deere, Perkins, and Briggs & Stratton, ranging in output from 10 kw to 300 kw. We can also assist you with other projects, such as locating and excavating underground electric lines, upgrading and installing electric services, setting up new landscape lighting, or upgrading your old style lighting with new, efficient, LED lights. We can even get your security lights working again; so you won't be left in the dark!
Our technicians provide service to our customers on the Eastern shore of Maryland, and Delaware. We have been assisting our customers for over 40 years, and have gained the experience and knowledge of a company you can rely on.
If you have an emergency, that just can't wait, we offer 24 hour on call service.Call us today and let us help you get all those projects completed.